What to wear to a Wedding on the beach?

Did you receive an invite to a beach wedding? First of all congratulations, this is exciting!

I am sure the first question that crosses your mind is what should I wear?

Over the last years, I have been invited to many beach weddings. While they were all amazing experiences, I learned something every time about what to wear and what to stay away from when attending a beach wedding.

So here are my ...


12 Insider Tips for the perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

1. Choose the right fabric for hot climate

It is going to be hot and sunny so stay away from thick fabrics.

Thin cotton, silk, rayon or light polyester are the best fabrics for hot climate.

Just be careful that your clothing is not see-through.

Wedding Guest Outfit

2. Stay away from long sleeves

A very safe choice for a beach wedding outfit is a dress without sleeves. You will feel cooler and you won´t have to worry about sweat stains.

There are great options available for all body shapes. Just make sure the cut is appropriate.

Wedding Guest Dress

3. Choose a loose cut outfit

It doesn´t matter what style of clothing you are planning to wear (dress, jumpsuit, romper, minidress, skirt, etc.) it should always have a flowy cut.

Loose cut clothing is much airier and more comfortable in a hot climate then tight-fitting clothing.

Stay away from bodycon dresses and tight tops.

4. Pick the right color for your beach wedding outfit

Choose a light color for your outfit. Dark colors will make you heat up even more and are totally out of place at a beach wedding.

My favorite color for beach weddings is blush. It is feminine and looks great on pictures. Turquoise and light blue are also good options.

Stay away from white, this color is reserved for the bride.

If you go for a pattern, make sure it works with the dress code.

Many beach weddings are casual, but you want to make sure you are not underdressed. If you are unsure better dress up than dress down.

5. Sandals vs. High Heels

Leave your high heels and expensive shoes at home. Most beach weddings are hosted directly on the sand so choose some dressy flat sandals that you can take off easily.

Barefoot beach weddings are very popular at the moment. You leave your shoes in a designated shelf at the entrance and spend the day and evening barefoot. This is a very cool idea, but don´t be surprised when your sandals disappear late at night... 

If the wedding is hosted on grass or gravel, wedges and flat sandals are your best choice.

 6. Wind conditions

It can be windy so if you are choosing a short or high slit dress you will struggle with it all the time.

Instead, choose a maxi or midi dress, chances are you won´t have that problem.

Special Tip: Pack two optional outfits for the event and check the wind forecast on the day of the wedding. 

Beach Wedding Guest Outfit Guide

 7. Beach Wedding Hairstyles

If you are planning to wear your hair down be prepared that your perfect blowout will be a mess after 15 minutes.

Wind, sun, and humidity will take a toll on your hairstyle. Instead, do a cool updo or a braid.

You can find hundreds of cool braid tutorials on Pinterest.

Decorative hairclips are also a great option to keep your hair in place, besides there are super on trend right now.

Pearl Hair Clip

8. The right skincare & makeup for a beach wedding

Apply sunscreen on your whole body 30 minutes before the wedding. Choose a non-sticky sunscreen so you don´t end up looking like a breaded chicken.

For your makeup, I highly recommend using a light foundation and some setting powder. For your eye makeup use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Strong bright colors don’t look good in direct sunlight so save those for another occasion.

Soft colored eyeshadow in nude colors, blush and some bronzer will look great. Apply a setting spray when you are finished. Your make up will last much longer.

9. Bring your Sunglasses

Bring your sunglasses not only as protection from the glare but also from the wind.

10. Drink plenty of water

Not totally outfit related, but something that gets forgotten very often.

Try to stay hydrated – with water! Go slow on the alcohol. The sun and heat make the effect of the alcohol stronger.

Eat a small snack before the wedding you never know how long the whole ceremony and reception will take and you might get something to eat much later than you think.

11. It might get chilly at night

Most beach weddings start in the afternoon and last until late at night. Be prepared that it can get chilly even in tropical climates.

Pack a stole, scarf or light pashmina that goes with your outfit.


12. Mosquitos

There are most likely mosquitos, especially during sunset hours. Keep a repellent on hand.







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